Veteran Buyers or Sellers in South Charlotte or Waxhaw NC

Are you Veteran buyer or seller in South Charlotte or Waxhaw NC?

If so there are some HUGE benefits with VA loans for Veteran buyers or sellers in South Charlotte or Waxhaw NC.

Here are some details on a few of those benefits.

#1 No Down Payment

That’s right – with the VA Loan, qualified borrowers can finance 100 percent of the home’s value without putting down a dime. Say you were purchasing a $250,000 home. Even if you were only putting down 5%, that’s still $12,500 less out of your pocket when purchasing a home.

#2 No Private Mortgage Insurance or PMI.

PMI is the insurance lenders require you to have if you don’t put down 20% on the home. Since the VA loan is backed by the government and not private lenders, you don’t need to pay this insurance.  Let’s take a look at that $250,000 loan again. If you didn’t put down 20% on that $250,000 loan, your PMI would be $191 a month.

#3 Competitive Interest Rates

There is a misconception out there that VA loan rates aren’t as competitive as conventional mortgage rates when in fact because the VA loan is backed by the government, the rate is often ½ a percent to one percent lower than conventional mortgage rates. This means less money out of your pocket each month for your mortgage payment.

#4 It’s easier to qualify

That means with a VA loan, you don’t need excellent credit. Because the loan is backed by the government and not the bank there are less stringent qualification standards for VA Loans, making them easier to obtain.

#5 There are Limits on closing costs

The VA actually limits what closing costs lenders can charge you. And there are certain fees VA buyers are not allowed you to pay.

#6 Sellers Can Pay Closing Costs

Everyone who closes on a home is expected to pay closing costs But with a VA loan, the sellers can pay all of the buyers’ mortgage-related closing costs up to 4% of the purchase price– if you negotiate this into the offer of course

In Closing

For a detailed analysis of what a VA loan looks like for different loan amounts, click the link below. And for more information and to find out how you might qualify if you are an active or retired veteran, give me a call.

Looking for Homes For Sale In South Charlotte or Waxhaw NC?

Jeff Steup at Midtown Properties would like to reach out to Veteran Buyers or Sellers in South Charlotte and Waxhaw, NC and appreciate the service all veterans have given to this country. In return, they offer first class service for you so you can buy or sell that house as quickly and without hassle.

Real estate can be complicated when you’re a veteran. VA Loans, grants, subsidies and fees can sound intimidating whether you’re buying or selling. Jeff can help guide you through all of that. If you’re a veteran looking to buy a home in South Charlotte or Waxhaw, NC, you’ll discover what an amazing, supportive community it is. We are experts for veterans looking to sell or buy a house in South Charlotte or Waxhaw, NC. See available South Charlotte and Waxhaw NC listings below and reach out to us for questions or to see a home in person.

Why Waxhaw?

The Waxhaw area of North Carolina, which includes the town of Marvin, is about 30 minutes south of the city of Charlotte and borders the Ballantyne area of South Charlotte along with Weddington and Wesley Chapel in Union County.

It is a serene and peaceful place where natural beauty is unparalleled with many places to explore. With fabulous estate homes, beautiful country roads, views of sprawling horse farms and many neighborhoods for just about every price point, Waxhaw is a great place to call home.

Real estate in the Waxhaw area is varied. No matter what kind of property you are looking for, it can be found here!

If you are buying a home in Waxhaw, North Carolina you will come to know all of the amazing things the area of Waxhaw has to offer. We have listed of our favorite things about the Waxhaw, NC area below:

View a Full List if Things to do in Waxhaw on the Town’s Website

Why South Charlotte?

The South Charlotte area of North Carolina, which includes the Ballantyne and South Park areas, is just south of the city of Charlotte (anywhere from 5 – 20 minutes depending on where you are…) and borders on the Waxhaw, Weddington and Wesley Chapel areas of Union County.

There are many perks to living in South Charlotte many of which are centered around convenience with the mini-towns in the area. These mini-towns include everything from shops, grocery stores, gas stations, to restaurants, corporate spaces and more all within walking distance. Examples include Waverly, Blakeney and Stonecrest in the Ballantyne area to the SouthPark Mall in the South Park area just to name a few.

Why Work With Jeff Steup and Midtown Properties?

If you are looking for the top real estate agents in South Charlotte and Waxhaw, NC than look no further! We are experts in South Charlotte and Waxhaw homes for sale and have decades of real estate experience. Not only that, we live and work in the Waxhaw area and have a deep love for all that the South Charlotte and Waxhaw areas have to offer.

If you’re a veteran looking for a house in the South Charlotte or Waxhaw area, we’d love to work with you! There are lots of variables when it comes to buying or selling a house and it can be a big investment. We’d love to help you avoid the common mistakes that buyers make… and we’ll help you get top dollar for your Waxhaw home when you’re looking to sell.

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