South Charlotte / Waxhaw Area Real Estate Market Update February 2019 **VIDEO**

South Charlotte / Waxhaw Area Real Estate Market Update February 2019

Are you thinking about buying or selling a home and you’re just not sure if now is the right time?

I know, I get it, it’s so hard to know who to trust or what to believe, I feel the same way when I see the news or read the newspaper. It’s like ugh, it can be confusing and a little scary, can’t it?

Well of course it is! Most likely buying or selling a home is going to be the largest financial investment you will ever make.

Hi, it’s Jeff Steup with Midtown Properties.

So here’s what I’ve learned, it’s a great time to buy AND sell…here’s why…

According to the National Association of Realtors, Interest rates are up 19.1% from this time last year, and they are anticipated to continue to go up.

If you’re selling and buying, then you want to capitalize on the low interest rates. Also, more buyers can qualify for your home when the interest rates are lower.

And according to the Home Price Expectation Survey, home values over the next 5 years are going to go up.

Here’s an example, If you were to buy a home worth $250,000 now, in five years it would be worth almost 290,000. That’s like putting $40,000 in your pocket. So if you’re thinking about selling and buying, then the home you’re going to buy is also going to go up, it’s all relative.

So let’s ask the question again, is it the right time. YES, because interest rates are rising and so are home prices.

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Again, it’s Jeff Steup from Midtown Properties…Your key to Real Estate Results. ☎️Contact me today to find out more about how we can help you with all of your Real Estate needs. (704) 412-8882 or


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